Please be aware that if you operate a vehicle on campus, you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the UMBC Parking Rules and Regulations. You may also obtain a UMBC Parking Map from Parking Services, which can be found in Room 100 of the Facilities Management Building. Student Conduct and Community Standards also has copies of the UMBC Parking Map.

Recognizing that there is a high demand for a fixed supply of parking spaces on the UMBC campus, the Parking Rules and Regulations have been developed to facilitate a safe, orderly, and efficient parking environment for all users. The Parking Rules and Regulations are intended to be clear and unambiguous.

Student Parking Appeals

If you have received a parking citation on campus and you’re not sure what to do, you have a few options to consider: You can immediately pay the citation to avoid complications or charges to your UMBC account or you may appeal the ticket.

UMBC students MUST appeal parking citations ONLINE. In order to appeal your parking citation, go to Parking Account Management and login as an ‘Affiliate’. Go to ‘Citations’ and click on ‘Appeal’ to enter your appeal.

You may appeal your parking citation within 14 calendar days of receiving the ticket; the issue date is day one. Violations may be appealed through the State of Maryland District Court system or through a UMBC administrative appeal process. Choice of one appeal process waives choice of the other process.

Administrative fees of $7.00 will be charged on all appeals unless adjudicated to be not guilty. All appeal decisions are final.

Please consider the following before appealing.

Things to consider before appealing…Ticket Icon

If you have evidence, provide it BEFORE you appeal. Attach all documentary evidence to your online appeal.

If found guilty or given a warning, a $7.00 administrative fee is added to the existing citation.

Is the information on the citation correct?

Read the UMBC Parking Rules and Regulations, did you receive the citation in error?

Both Parking Enforcement Officers and members of the Student Parking Appeals Board receive training that enables them to correctly and fairly enforce parking standards.

The Student Parking Appeals Board takes into consideration the circumstances of each parking appeal. The Student Parking Appeals Board is more likely to uphold an appeal that includes valid, supporting documentation.

**Only appeal citations that you truly believe were issued in error. The following explanations are not convincing reasons for the Student Parking Appeals Board to waive a citation**


Invalid reasons to appeal a parking citation…


“I was only there for a few minutes while I….”

“I was late for class and could not find another space.”

You will not always be able to locate convenient parking; however, there are usually spaces available. Please check Lot 25 (adjacent to the Technology Research Center) if you are experiencing difficulty locating parking. For your convenience, there are several 10 and 15 minute parking spaces on campus indicated by a posted sign. Parking Services monitors parking on campus and will make allowances if there are no parking spaces available for students. If you believe that there is no parking available on campus, please contact Parking Services at 410-455-2551.

Lack of Knowledge:

“I didn’t know that I wasn’t supposed to park there.”

“There was no sign indicating that this was not a parking space.”

“I parked there before and have never received a parking ticket.”

Service areas and loading docks require a service permit. Parking is not permitted along unmarked curbs in parking lots. Additionally, the fact that a vehicle is parked in violation of any regulation and does not receive a violation notice, does not mean that the regulation is no longer in effect.

Inattention To Your Surroundings:

“I didn’t see the posted sign.”

Pay attention to the area surrounding your vehicle; not seeing signs or markings prohibiting parking is not an excuse for violating parking rules and regulations.

Verbal Permission Granted by Staff/Faculty Member:

“_______ told me that it is okay to park there.”

Faculty and staff are not authorized to supersede parking regulations. Posted signage overrides written regulations. Parking Services reserves the right to close areas due to inclement weather, repairs, construction or special events. If you are unsure about a parking space, please seek other parking, contact Parking Services or UMBC Police and/or consult the UMBC Parking Rules and Regulations.

Expired Time:

“I ran over my allotted pay-station time because my class/test/meeting took longer than expected.”

Be sure to give yourself ample time to return to your vehicle. You should factor in travel time when determining how much to pay at the pay station.