Hearing Board

The UMBC Student Hearing Board supports Student Conduct and Community Standards, and our mission, by resolving contested cases of student misconduct in a formal hearing setting. The Student Hearing Board resolves contested charges brought against any student or student organization for alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct or Code of Student Organization Conduct, determines whether the student or student organization is responsible or not responsible, as well as what the appropriate consequences will be.

If charges are not resolved at the Pre-Hearing Conference, if the student does not waive his/her right to a hearing, or if the student fails to appear at the Pre-Hearing Conference, the Hearing Board will be convened to adjudicate the case. Parties and witnesses must swear an oath of honesty and truthfulness before the Board when testifying. Demonstrated violations of this oath may result in suspension of the student from the University.

The determination of the Charged Student’s responsibility for the alleged violation is made by the Hearing Board based upon whether the facts demonstrate that it is more likely than not that the student did, or did not, commit the violation.

Hearings are typically conducted with members of the UMBC Hearing Board. The Hearing Board is comprised of four students and one faculty/staff person trained to hear the University’s most serious cases.

The Charged Student, and any victim, is permitted to have an advisor present throughout the judicial process. During a hearing, the advisor may counsel the advisee by written or whispered word, but may not interrupt the proceedings. The advisor’s comments must be directed to the advisee and not the Hearing Board or other parties.

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The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards facilitates student and community development and ethical growth opportunities promoting personal integrity, civility, self-responsibility, citizenship, and appreciation for diversity.


To serve the UMBC community and the individual student by specifying behavioral standards, and by establishing a fair and efficient process for adjudicating complaints of student misconduct.

Benefits & Skills Gained From Serving on the Student Hearing Board

Students chosen as Hearing Board Justices will receive professional training in all relevant fields including: interpretation of the Code of Student Conduct and University Policies, substantive and procedural due process, questioning techniques and skills, alcohol and other drug symptoms and recognition, and student development theory. Initial training will take place the first weekend after classes begin (August 30-September 2). Training continues as needed thereafter throughout the semester.


  • Must be a full-time student at UMBC
  • Must be in good student standing (i.e. not on academic or disciplinary probation)
  • Must have completed at least one semester at UMBC


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